Kes on teie turunduse kohtunik?

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I've done it in articles I've written in the past. I've bad-mouthed methodologies that marketers have used… from using curvy spokespeople to touting ridiculous results. Some marketing gets on my nerves. But I don't matter in the marketing equation, neither does my opinion quite honestly.

Sõber jagas hiljuti pakkumist, mille ta sai ettevõttelt, mis nägi välja nagu hästi pakitud kaart, millele oli kirjutatud käsitsi kirjutatud aadress ja kleebis, millele oli kinnitatud vastuseaadress. Tundus, nagu oleks see võinud tulla sõbralt või perelt. Ent kui ta selle avas - sellel oli pakkumine ja ta tundis end petetuna. Ta oli nii ärritunud, tegi foto ja jagas seda Facebookis.

I don't question whether or not he deserved to be upset – that's his business. He has a right to his opinion. The question I stated in the response was at what point ei ole mingisuguse maskeeringu turustamine. Kujundame saite väikestele alustavatele ettevõtetele, mis muudavad nad ettevõtte ettevõtetena. Kujundame maailmatasemel infograafika klientidele, kes näevad vaeva oma turunduseelarvega. Parimate tulemuste saamiseks tagame juhtumianalüüsid ja iseloomustused klientidelt.

Kas see on petlik?

In my opinion, marketing is very much like dating. You don't go on a date in those comfy sweats that you throw on. You take a shower, you dress up, you get your hair right and throw on some cologne… you want to look good.

Kas olete petlik?

The perception might be yes. You're looking to attract someone enough to see how well you like them. After a few dates, you may or may not decide to further the relationship.

Getting a direct mail piece that's hand-written may attract someone enough to open it. When I ran direct mail services, I told our clients that we had to capture someone's attention in the short walk between the mailbox and the trashcan. That calls for some serious creativity to stand out from the crowd. Technologies have evolved so much on direct mail that some printers have systems that literally kirjutama märkide sildid ja isegi vahelduvad stiilid, nii et kaks tähte ei sarnaneks ühesugusega!

I'll add that those technologies aren't inexpensive. That advertiser spent much more on that hand-written (style) card than they would have simply to stick a one-page mailer in the mailbox. Spending that additional money definitely resulted in a higher engagement rate and most likely resulted in a greater conversion rate.

The true question or not of whether marketing is deceitful is not my nor my friend's opinion. The true judge is the prospect and, ultimately, the company's retention success. If customer churn is a huge issue, a marketer may be meelitades customers but they're likely puuduvad ootused ja peavad oma turundusstrateegiad ümber viima.

I don't think attracting someone to open, view or click is deceitful – I believe it's the job of marketers to move people into a sales journey and until a decision can be made on whether or not the customer can benefit from doing business with you.

Opening the envelope didn't commit anyone to a subscription, it just did a great job in getting their marketing viewed instead of put in the trash. Almost every day I find myself watching a commercial, downloading a whitepaper, or opening an email that I thought was a waste of my time. I don't get upset about it, nor do I think it's deceitful.

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