Mõned uued Google Map Markers


Viimistlen sel nädalavahetusel kliendi kaardistamise saiti ja otsustasin, et praegused markerite (ikoonide) kollektsioonid on seal üsna lihtsad ja puuduvad igasugused mõõtmed. Sel ajal kui tegin pausi, otsustasin teha uue kollektsiooni. Julgelt laadige markerid alla siit ja kasutage neid ärilistel või mitteärilistel eesmärkidel ... minu ainus nõue on kena tänan!

Uued markerid

Seal on nool varju, tühja markeriga, markerid 0 kuni 9 ja A kuni Z.

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    Hea töö!
    was looking everywhere for the standard green arrow, but i couldn’t find it.
    tnx to you i can put it in 😀

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    I am looking for just this kind of numbered markers but HOW do I put them in my google map? There is a way to put in my own ikon but I have to download a file on the web directly to google maps it looks like. Not a pro as you can understand but I love to work on my maps!

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    Hi, Douglas,

    Thanks for the markers. I am using a seletion of your red ones to allow the gathering of observation of wildlife sightings in the last 2 years. I have (easily) modified the colour to make another corresponding set which I am using for wildlife observations which occurred earlier than 2 years.

    As a suggestion you could also have markers with other symbols ( + – * # ? . : ) and different shadings. Hey even stripes may be possible!

    Aitäh veel kord


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    I am contacting you because I am the creator of "Map icons collection", and I thought you might be interested in talking about my project in your blog.

    Map icons collection is a pack of 300 free icons for your placemarks. You can put them manually in your Google Maps with the "My maps" feature, or automaticly with the Google Maps API.
    Organized in color categories, you will get a complete collection of icons, such as cinema, school, bank, japanese restaurant and clothes store.

    See the rest of the icons here : http://code.google.com/p/google-maps-icons/


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