Kas teie sait, ajaveeb või voog on geomärgistatud?

Üks lahe viis saitide leidmiseks on geograafiline. Ma leidsin tegelikult, et mu sõbral tööl oli ajaveeb, leides ta kaardilt. Seal on mitmeid veebisaite, kuhu saate oma ajaveebi asukoha või saidi asukoha geograafiliste koordinaatide järgi postitada. Kuid peate leidmiseks oma saidile tegelikult lisama mõned metasildid.

Olen seda juba mõnda aega soovinud teha, kuid minu jaoks siltide loomiseks polnud tegelikult ühtegi lihtsat tööriista ... siiani! Täna õhtul olen käivitanud Aadressi parandus.

Saiti saab kasutada aadresside puhastamiseks, laius- ja pikkuskraadi leidmiseks ning automaatselt genereerimiseks geosildid oma veebisaidi, ajaveebi ja / või nende jaoks RSS kanalid.

Siin on eelvaade:
Aadressi parandus

Lihtsalt kopeerige ja kleepige metasildid oma veebisaidi või ajaveebi päisesse koos teiste metasiltidega. Loodan, et sulle meeldib!

Feedpress võimaldab teil ka oma RSS-voogu geosildistada. Oma laius- ja pikkuskraadi saate Feedburnerisse kopeerida ja kleepida jaotise Optimeeri - voo geosildid abil.

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    Thanks, RoudyBob. My kids are at their Mom’s for Christmas… that leaves bachelor Doug and his computer! I have a lot of projects like this that were started and never finished. It will be a productive week!

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    I have been keeping track of Google. Believe it or not, their maps are stil beta. If you want to build an application off of it and have guaranteed up-time, they offer an enterprise licensed version.

    I met with quite a few of their team out in Mountain View last year and the love seeing tools like this so I’m not too worried about it. It’s not like I’m going to hit their thresholds with hits!

    As for the CSS, I hacked an IE only CSS in there. It’s all good. I know that’s not the best method, but IE sucks so bad that I really don’t put much effort into it anymore. I realize that may be lost viewers… but oh well.

    Go Firefox!

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    Tried it with my address in Norway, and only got a “Sorry” message. For fun I tried entering simply “Norway”. I had to laugh when I got the result 🙂

    Thanks! (and no sarcasm there!)

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      Thanks, mapperz… and great site! Do you know of any limitations to utilizing the emad geocoding engine? I may beta test with it to see how it goes. It would also enhance the functionality since I could have users query by a number of ways (phone, etc.)

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    Is is just me or is the KML snippet not updating whenever I’m moving the marker?

    Any other than this: great idea and very useful thing. I’m just misusing it heavily for drawing polygon layers (i.e. hand-coding LineString-elements) for some google maps.


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    Hello, my name is Ryan Updike. I am doing a Google Earth Project in our Geography Class that works with KML. Would you be able to help us fix or get some of the code just to turn out some of the KML code? We are trying to learn how to code point data as inputs, and then turn an output in xml code. Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

    Ryan Updike

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    This is a great tool. It is nice to find an easy to use geotagging tool like this.

    I wish there were a directory of sites that use geotagging. Does anybody know of a list?

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