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Mõju 2.0-l

Liiga naljakas. Tehke siin oma veebi 2.0 logo (UUENDAMINE: Sait pole enam saadaval). Leidsin selle Peter Glymani ajaveebist.

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    That is one cool & funny page. They also have – in a similar design – a webclock. Beats any of the others I’ve seen (though I have never understood why anyone would post a clock on their website…)

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    Things have gotten worse, now there’s only a 404 error. Bugger, just as I had a really good idea where I could have used that effect.
    Well, the Internet is a fluid thing.
    Thanks for all the inspiration – smart to have the myBlog community load only on the front page.

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      Thanks, Martin! I’ve modified the entry. RE: I have been playing with the sidebar to make it more effective. The MyBlogLog javascript is still on the footer – so those bloggers who visit are still recognized on the home page, but I didn’t want to slow all the pages if their service was running slow.

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