Veebiettevõtted peavad turunduse muutmiseks edasi liikuma

Interneti-äri autor MDGovpics

Interneti-äri autor MDGovpics

There's no question that the Internet has changed dramatically over the years, and that's true for how companies market their online business as well. Any business owner needs only to look at the number of changes Google has made to its search algorithm to gain a basic understanding of how Internet marketing techniques have changed over time.

Firms that do business on the Internet need to pivot their marketing strategies every time there's a shift in the search algorithms, or they could be left behind to the point where their sales suffer. Bob Holtzman of ütleb üsna otsekoheselt:

„Internet areneb nii kiiresti, et see, mis aasta tagasi toimis, võib olla juba aegunud - ja see võib kirjeldada veebiturundust viimase kümne aasta jooksul. Just siis, kui mõned ettevõtted olid lõpuks oma esimesi veebisaite ehitamas, hakkas sotsiaalmeedia silmaauku haarama ja muutis need kõvera taga olevad saidid vananenud või ebaolulisteks.

"Facebooki hilinejad sattusid ka Twitteri peole hiljaks. Selleks ajaks, kui mõned veebisaidid hakkasid sotsiaalmeediat integreerima, sundisid mobiilseadmed saidi kujundust, arhitektuuri ja sisu oluliselt muutma. "

Hiljutised kohandused

Currently, online businesses are reacting to the changes that occurred as a result of Google's latest update, called Hummingbird. The purpose of this algorithm change was to shift some of the weight from keyword searches to conversational searches that seek answers to direct questions.

Google has stated that it wants to promote content (websites) that are most able to answer the users' questions, so your content can't be just about promoting a product line or brand. It has to be something that is shown as valuable first. Once this foundation has been built, marketing techniques can be applied to round out your site without being too overt.

Kasulik näide

Võtke see leht aadressilt Clevelandi aknaluugid for example. The headline of the page reads: Got bay windows? Need a solution that works? Right off the bat, the company shows that it's addressing an issue that viewers might have.

Now what makes this page unique is that the company didn't go for a large wall of text to describe what a person can do with a bay window; it showed the visitor a series of images that highlight solutions to a problem. The person who might come looking for an answer not only can find one, but he or she can see how Cleveland Shutters' products are a solution without being hit by traditional advertising.

Mobiilside kasvav mõju

Experts also say the growing number of mobile will surely have a huge influence on marketing in the future. “The tipping point at which more searches take place on mobile devices than stationary computers is coming faster than many think,” said Google's Search Engineer Matt Cutts. “I wouldn't be surprised if we soon take mobile page speed into account for SEO.”

Selle tulemusena on eelarved suunatud mobiilse turunduse algatused have increased 142 percent between 2011 and 2013. Much of this starts with a mobile-friendly version of the company's website, which is often overlooked by online businesses.

“Mobile Web surfers are a demanding bunch. If they visit your website and it's not optimized for both the device they're using and the different ways mobile users behave, they will get frustrated and leave,” says Ken Barber, vice president of marketing at

Kuigi suundumused kindlasti muutuvad, on üks asi, millest Google pole kunagi kõrvale kaldunud, kvaliteetse kasutajakogemuse tähtsus kui kõige olulisem tegur otsingutulemuste lehtede järjestamisel. Väärtusliku sisu pakkumine ja külastajatele rikkaliku, kaasahaarava kogemuse pakkumine nii laua- kui mobiilseadmete kaudu on strateegiad, mis ei lähe kunagi moest välja.

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