Tänan teid Blogger! DMCA kaebus


stealing-content.pngSelle nädala alguses märkasid mõned teist, et läksin taga blogijale, kes varastas sisu Martech Zone. At times, this happens as someone gets excited and decides that they're doing me a favor by extending my audience. Not the case. This joker even published the post out onto a third-party site with his own name as the author. Not acceptable.

This guy posted the stolen post on his blogger blog. That wasn't smart, since Blogger does comply with Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) take-down notes. I filled out Blogger's form and received notice today that they had removed the stolen content.

I am very appreciative of Blogger's support on this!

Kuidas valmistuda sisu varastamiseks

It's important to note that I purposely leave a breadcrumb trail in my blog posts. Very seldom do these thieves rewrite or copy the content and paste it. Instead, they write algorithms and grab your RSS feed and simply push it out to their blog. Most of the time this happens, the blogger isn't aware. I am. One of the reasons I developed the PostPost pistikprogramm oli nii, et saaksin oma jalusesse sisu muuta ja lisada. Igal minu RSS-voo postitusel on mingisugune link tagasi minu blogisse.

Järgmisena seadistasin Google Alerts with my domain as the search term (as well as some others I can't tell you about). Now – each time someone links to my blog, I get an email alert with a chunk of the post. It's instantly recognizable when I read my content in the body of the alert.

Mine sõtta

Perhaps one of the sneakiest things I do is that I instantly purchase images from iStockPhoto for all of my posts for the next week or so. Since I pay for the photos, it's legal for me to use them but no one else. If you're stupid enough to be stealing my content, you're probably publishing these purchased images as well. Now I have a major corporation hellbent on fighting copyright theft on my side. As soon as I see the posts published, I contact support through iStockPhoto ja teatage igast postitusest, pildist, nende allikast ja varastamisest.

To be honest, I'm not sure if iStockPhoto has pursued any of the cases… all of them have taken down the posts when I've found them and told them. There's still some guilty little pleasure in it for me, though. I don't want to be on the wrong side of a copyright suit with iStockPhoto. They've got deep pockets and a lot of lawyers.

Öelge nende sõpradele

I'm not quiet about it. I do a Whois.net lookup to identify the hosting company and the person who owns the site. I'll try to contact the person directly at first. Then the emails go out to the hosting company, tweets get angrier, and Facebook Wall messages get posted. I won't stop until I begin to get responses back.

As I said before, I've never had to go beyond this point. There's always the chance that someone will steal my content and be offshore, hidden, and virtually impossible to chase. I'll do my best to report them to the search engines at that point, but I will NOT let them get away with it. You shouldn't either!

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  1. 1

    See on suurepärane postitus!

    Kuid ma mõtlesin, kas saaksite mulle nõu anda keerulises, kuid samasuguses olukorras.

    Oletame, et inimesed postitavad teie pilte ja teie piltide ekraanipilte anonüümsele pilditahvlile (loe: 4chan.org), mis on kurikuulus sellepärast, et ei hooli millestki. Kuidas ma saaksin selle kraami ära viia, kui ma isegi ei tea, kes pagan seda postitab?

  2. 2

    Tere Festher,

    Sa võiksid teha paar asja:
    1) Vesimärk oma pilte. Pange neile märkus, kus on kirjas teie ettevõtte või veebisaidi nimi. Heitke pilk sellistele saitidele nagu iStockphoto ja näete seda.
    2) 4chani reeglites on selge, et rikkumistega tegeletakse karmilt. Ma võtaksin nendega ühendust nende kontaktilehe kaudu http://www.4chan.org/contact - kui nad ei vasta, saatke neile sõnumeid Twitteri kaudu või kuhu iganes mujale saate.
    3) Viimane kraavipingutus: saate nad kohtusse kaevata. Eriti kui sait pole võõras ja selle omanikud on teada, minge neile järele.

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