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irsayPühapäeval alistas Indianapolis Colts Tennessee Titansi, et tulla AFC lõunameistriks. Enne mängu korraldas aga Koltsi omanik Jim Irsay Twitteris täiesti hiilgava turunduskampaania.

Juhul, kui te pole üksikasjadega kursis, vaatame üle Irsay säutsud alates 31. detsembrist:

PRIUSE JA 4 1 dollari VÕITMISEKS - sel pühapäeval kell 15 seisab Lucase õlistaadioni väljapoole jääval välisväljakul pargis must Prius ...

PRIUSE JA 4 18 USD VÕITMISEKS - sisseastujad peavad olema vähemalt XNUMX-aastased JA jälgima Twitter.com-is @jimirsay…

PRIUSE JA 4K USD VÕITMISEKS - ÜKS sissekanne inimese kohta, mitu kirjet diskvalifitseerib teid (ei tee nalja)!…

PRIUSE JA 4K USD VÕITMISEKS - sel pühapäeval kell 1 säutsun ühe küsimuse. Saate sisestada oma vastuse tweetimisega.

PRIUSE JA 4K USD VÕITMISEKS - Ur-piiksuma PEAB sisaldama teie nime, nagu see kuvatakse teie juhiluba, ja sisaldama @jimirsay AND #gocolts.

Hülgame sedasorti edutamise ilmsed eelised. Iga kord, kui annate väärtusliku auhinna, annate brändile palju huvi ja huvi. Sa tugevdad lojaalsust. Teete palju inimesi õnnelikuks ja potentsiaalselt ühte inimest tohutult õnnelikuks. Võistlused on tavaliselt toredad.

Kuid Coltsi turundusmeeskond tegi selle kampaaniaga midagi suurepärast, midagi muud, mis muidu oleks kallis ja aeganõudev: Nad hankisid rahvahulga täpse nimekirja Coltsi fännidest ja Twitteri käepidemetest.

Mõtle selle üle! Suurepärane turundus nõuab puhast, täpset, ristviidetega andmebaasi. Uute tehnoloogiate, nagu Twitter, väljatöötamine tähendab, et inimesteni jõudmiseks on uusi viise, kuid samas on tohutult kasulik, kui saate fännid Twitteri kontodega ühendada.

Vaadake näiteks Twitteri kasutajat @ DeadStroke96. Võite öelda, et ta on tohutu NFL-i fänn, lugedes lihtsalt tema säutse. Kuid pole võimalik teada saada, kes ta on, kuna see kasutaja ei andnud oma Twitteri profiilil nime. Tegelikult kasutavad paljud inimesed veebis lihtsalt varjunime, eesnime või hüüdnime. Kõigi ametlike andmetega, mis teil kellegi kohta võivad olla, pole näiteks lihtsat viisi viidata, näiteks ostuajalugu, turunduse andmebaasid jms.

Kuid nüüd teab Jim Irsay (ja kõik), et @ DeadStroke96 on George Ketchman. Tundub, et sajad - kui mitte tuhanded - inimesed andsid selle võistluse jaoks vabatahtlikult puhtaid ja täpseid andmeid. Vaadake Twitteri otsingut, et ise veenduda. (Tulemuste kitsendamiseks võite otsida märksõna „#gocolts @jimirsay footballs”.)

Üks parimaid viise suurendada tootlikkust on vahetada töö teistele inimestele. Colts oleks võinud veeta lugematuid tunde kõigi Jim Irsay jälgijate jälitamiseks, vaadates nende profiile ja säutse, et proovida kindlaks teha nende täielikud juriidilised nimed. Või võivad nad korraldada sama võistluse, nagu igal juhul, ja lasta inimestel ise tööd teha.

Head tööd, Jim Irsay ja Coltsi turundusmeeskond!

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      It is a great idea…but what’s the ROI? When I first read a tweet about the promotion on Saturday @jimirsay had roughly 18,000+ followers. I just checked and it’s now 20,000+. Was the cost worth two thousand new followers?

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        I doubt the cost was even close to $30k. We know it was at least $4k in cash. It’s possible that they got the car at no direct cost whatsoever in exchange for some marketing trade.

        If the Colts use the data, then yes, it’s absolutely worth $4,000. It would take a sizable team many weeks to cross reference all of Irsay’s followers with actual real people, and that wouldn’t cover the many Twitter users whose identities you can’t deduce.

        Of course, there’s one more piece of information: Anybody can get this list now, not just the Colts. That should tell you something else about this campaign.

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          You also have to factor in the cost of the ‘sizable team’ then. Say you can cross-reference 1 person every 3 minutes, or 20 an hour. For 20,000 followers, you’re looking at 1000 man-hours of labor. Throw that at a reasonable $10/hour data entry position, and you’re in another $10,000 for cost. Now you’re back to $14,000 if the car is free, $30,000+ if it’s at a discount.

          (Oh, and you better get them started on it today before search.twitter.com wipes it all away in about a week hahahaha! 🙂 )

          I think Irsay is GREAT at building buzz, getting people talking, etc. And I think we’d all love for him to utilize the data like it can and should be, but I just realistically don’t think it’s happening.

          What’s his main objective? Get people talking and excited about the Colts (and him), and continue to show that he has lots of money and can give stuff away. Did he succeed in that? Yup.

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        ROI isnt just in Twitter followers Steve. No way you can measure ROI of a trickle down thing like this. Its not about how many followers Irsay got its about the face of an organization getting publicity all over town. Heck its nearly worth it for all the pub they are getting from marketing geeks like us. The games are sold out well in advance so other than merch sales the Colts have no room to improve their ROI per say.

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        The Colts can obtain revenue through tickets… but quite a bit is obtained through sponsorship. Sponsors pay for big numbers. Unlike a typical company, fans of sports teams stick around. So a better question might be – what’s the lifetime value of a Colts fan…. and did Jim Irsay make any Colts fans by doing this? I think he may have. People are tired of teams always taking… this is a nice gesture of giving back a little.

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        It’s not about the ROI, the followers, or the cost. It’s about the egomaniacal ramblings of a billionaire with more money than sense. I mean really…he paid $1M for Jerry Garcia’s guitar. Do you really think he’s concerned about $30k?

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          While I agree that money and sense have nothing in common, I’m not sure I agree that Irsay is egomaniacal. In most cases, Irsay has done everything possible to avoid the spotlight. I work with some that have a lot of contact with him and they’ve told me he’s an amazing guy with a very soft heart. If you do some searching, you’ll find that he keeps many charities going here in Indiana.

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    Im with Brad on this one, sort of. Robby makes a huge assumption that the Colts will leverage the info. I am skeptical at best on that front seeing as they have one of the worst (because its nearly non existent) presences in the social space for a pro team. Now granted their fans do alot of their bidding for them online and thats ok but now that Irsay is tweeting his stream of consciousness and giving away tickets and cars doesnt mean the organization has wised up. The parameters of the contest point to someone with some Twitter knowledge getting in Jim’s ear. Perhaps Doug and his friend Pat Coyle can speak to the Colts as an organization better than I. The other value in this is for potential future sponsors. Toyota got some great pub out of this, although they could have gotten more help from Jim and their local dealers probably didnt promote it and leverage it like they could. A social savvy company looking to partner with the Colts would be licking their chops at a deal like this. The cost to the Colts was probably nothing for the car or severely discounted due to Toyotas partnership with the team (car probably cost team under $20k if they paid for it) The Colts as a team would have gotten more traction had the prize been more structured around them & their product but the publicity doesnt hurt. Its a great thing to see Irsay’s tweets not being filtered but from a marketing standpoint I still see alot of opportunity and room for improvement.

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    According to Jim Irsay’s car/cash giveaway rules, the tweet needed to include your name as it appears on your drivers license. Though this could be for data mining purposes, I think it was to prevent cheating. He had a one-tweet-per-person limit; you were disqualified for multiple tweets. The “full name” rule discouraged multiple guesses from someone with multiple Twitter accounts.

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