Veebisait X5: saitide loomine, juurutamine ja värskendamine töölaualt

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I'm a huge fan of content management systems online, but there are times when we just need to get a site up and running. Configuring the CMS, optimizing it, managing users, and then working around a clunky editor or limited template that needs customizations can slow progress to a crawl when you've got an urgent need to get a site up and running.

sisenema Veebisait X5, a Windows™ desktop publishing tool that you can use to build, deploy and update websites. It's not an editor – it's an entire user interface with a template library, stock photo library, and drag and drop editor all in one nice package. Not only that, the templates and interface allow for responsive design so you can see how your site will look on any device.

The WebSite X5 platform includes photo galleries, email forms, password-protected pages, banners, ecommerce, blogs, social networks, and a number of other customizations and libraries to build virtually any type of site. One license allows you to load the software on two desktops and build as many sites as you'd like – no limitations.

Veebisaidi X5 funktsioonid

  • Lihtne kasutada töölaua liidest
  • Lisatud on 400,000 XNUMX autoritasuta pilti
  • Igati kohandatav
  • Professionaalsed tööriistad (e-posti vorm, reserveeritud ala, integreerimine db-iga, e-kaubandus jne)
  • Lisage oma kohandatud HTML / CSS / JavaScripti kood
  • Reageerivad veebisaidid
  • 12 kuud kaasatud veebimajutust
  • Pühendatud keele tugi
  • Nõuab Windows ™ Vista, 7, 8 või 10

There's a specific tool for every job, from editing images and photos, to creating buttons, to automatically generating menus, right up to going online with the built-in FTP engine.

Proovige WebSite X5 tasuta!

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