WordPressi kontaktivorm rämpspostikaitsega versiooniga 2.0.0 on välja antud!

UPDATE: Soovitaksin väga Gravitatsioonivormid RocketGeniuselt väga tugeva vormi integreerimise jaoks WordPressiga!

Üle 140 kommentaari on rämpspostikaitsega WordPressi kontaktivorm olnud ülekaalukalt kõige populaarsem pistikprogramm, mida olen aidanud arendada. Seda on alla laaditud kümneid tuhandeid kordi ja postitus on minu veebisaidi kõige populaarsem. Olen saanud pistikprogrammi kohta palju tagasisidet ja otsustasin lõpuks selle järgi integreerudes tegutseda kõik minu lugejate soovitused!

Siin on mõned funktsioonid:

  1. Võimalus luua teema rippmenüü.
  2. Võime muuta väljakutse vastuse juhtum tundlikuks või mitte.
  3. Täiendavad täiustused, mis takistavad skriptimärgendite hindamist läbitud väljadel.
  4. Võimalus määrata vaikimisi teemarida või lubada kasutajal oma rida ühendada.
  5. Kena stiil esiletõstetud väljadega.

Sellele versioonile (2.0.0) üleminekul pidage meeles, et peate oma kontakti lehel koodi muutma, mis koodi koheselt muudab. Varem oli see kommentaar ja nüüd on see tüüpiline asendusstring.


Rämpspostikaitsega WordPressi kontaktivorm

Lisateavet ja allalaadimislingi leiate projekti lehelt!

30 Kommentaarid

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      Thanks Wes! It took me a few months to catch up on the work I needed to do with this plugin. I hope to make it multi-lingual and add additional style customization in the future… just wanted to get this one out now, though!

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    Fantastic improvements! I’ll likely upgrade all my existing WP contact forms with this one. The custom subject lines are a great addition.

    I’ll also add it to the plugin list at wpZipper.

    You might consider giving it a new name, so people can better differentiate it from the previous Contact Form plugin(s).

    Karr Contact? (I resisted the use of a double “K”)

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      Thanks, Noah!

      I think changing the name at this point might be a bad idea – it’s been downloaded tens of thousands of times and is, by far, my most active page. Also … the naming, “WordPress Contact Form with Spam Protection”, has significant SEO value. 🙂


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    Hi Douglas, I haven’t used this plugin yet, but may implement it in my blogs in the near future.

    I actually didn’t even know you were developing these type of things, maybe I should stop by more often.

    But, again, I just wanted to drop by and say hi. It seems like a month or so since I haven’t said hi.

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      Hi Nicholas!

      Welcome back and I’d love you to check in more often. 🙂

      You can check out all the development projects on my projekti Page. I’ve also got a couple more websites under development that should make a nice splash!

      Veel tulemas!

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    Douglas, that rocks. Thanks so much for making such a great plugin that I’ve already found useful on a site I did for a non-profit and I think I’ll find useful again on a site I’m doing for my artist brother-in-law.

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        One thing I would like to know: how do you make your comments work like this? I would love to be able to have the option to reply to comments, etc. It looks great.

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          Shawn, that’s the million dollar answer! I actually wrote the good folks at Akismet and asked them if they’d like to work with me to create this for comments and they didn’t sound enthusiastic about it.

          However, WordPress 2.2 has some new comment hook capability so it may be possible for a plugin to be created. I’ll do some digging and see!

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    Hey Doug- It’s certainly been awhile. I ran into this plugin while doing a search. Great job on it.

    Question: how do you add a drop down list as you said? are we supposed to go into our contact page and just add ‘( Option A | Option B | etc… ) ? Doesn’t seem to work right for me. Obviously, I’m missing something.

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    Tere Douglas,

    is it possible to ‘strip down’ this plugin so that it reads simply as:
    ‘YOUR EMAIL: [text input box] [submit button]’?????
    very simple. and the user puts their email into that box, and it gets sent to one of our emails, for the user to join a mailing list (which we input manually).

    is this too far out of the way to use a WP plugin for a simple function?

    also, after someone hits the ‘submit’ button to what page are they taken? or does it verify the submit?

    cheers for your help!

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      I think you took a left turn somewhere… this isn’t an email subscription plugin, it’s a contact page plugin. I you’d like an email subscription tool, I’d recommend Feedburner.


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    Hi, I’ve been looking for a comment form for a customer’s wordpress-based site. They would like to have two forms for two different groups using the site.

    Is this possible with your plugin?

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