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mtb wptouch proA few folks have commented on how good the blog looks on a mobile device. We're currently receiving about 5% of our visitors via mobile device… 2% on iPhone alone.

It's important to provide a different user experience by device… whether it's utilizing Onswipe ainulaadse iPadi kasutuskogemuse - või kasutamise jaoks WPtouch Pro for a mobile WordPress experience on iPhone, Droid or other devices. Note: WPtouch Pro also supports iPad… it's just not as unique as Onswipe.

Kui oluline on mobiililiides, mida võiksite küsida? Meie järgi Analytics, mobiili- ja tahvelarvutikülastused on kasvanud 22.1% kuus! iPhone'i külastused on kasvanud 32.2% kuus.

See on kooskõlas mobiilse kasutuselevõtu ja mobiilse Interneti kasutamise statistikaga. Mobiilne e-posti lugejaskond on samuti tõusuteel ... nagu ka ostlemine ... koos üle 50% mobiiltelefoni kasutajatest ostleb online.

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Many companies might cringe at the expense of optimizing their content for mobile usage… but they shouldn't. Most modern content management systems have the ability to apply mobile-specific themes or style sheets. WPtouch Pro only cost $39 per site! Would you like to increase your number of visitors by 22% for $39? I'm not sure of too many companies who wouldn't.

If your content or ecommerce system doesn't appear to have any off the shelf mobile themes, there are also many libraries out there that can be used to optimize… our firm implemented a JavaScript iPhone library, called iUI, for one of our clients free of charge!

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